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Philadelphia Mailroom

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8001 Castor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States


At Philadelphia Mailroom which is located in Northeast Philly, we offer shipping services, via FEDEX, UPS, USPS, and DHL Express, both domestic, and international, plus receiving for our mailbox clientele. Also available for your needs are a fax machine, photocopier, and a Notary. If you need to mail a letter, or ship a precious piece of art, are you sending it just Downtown or to Timbuktu. Or maybe you need to buy a stamp or book of stamps, we're the people to see. Do you need a small box with bubble wrap for a fragile vase you're sending to grandma's, or a large box for the winter parka, that your coed had forgotten to take to school? We have everything you need, or better yet, let our experts wrap, and box your shipment. Are you selling trading cards, antiques, or even computer peripherals at an online auction? Then let us expertly wrap and protect, then box your customer's merchandise. We can accurately insure and ship it, to most places in the world. Do y


Established in 1988.

The Philadelphia Mailroom has been serving Northeast Philadelphia for over 20 years. Starting out as strictly a packaging and shipping store offering only two services UPS and USPS. As years passed FedEx and DHL have been added. Eventually the Philadelphia Mailroom grew into a one shop stop for everything from packing and shipping to a private courier service. From the time of opening to current there have only been three owners, the current owner having owned the store for 8 years.

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