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Philadelphia Chutney Company


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1628 Sansom St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

A passion project of Nirav Mehta and Baldev Singh, this joint is the epitome of all things desi. The owners based the rationale of a desi restaurant on the takeout food limited to Mexican, Chinese, pizza, and burgers in the states. The idea was to bring Philadelphia up to speed with their Philadelphia Chutney Company. They have an Indian-fusion concept of mixing different elements from cultures around the world into one unified entity. The place sports bright blue, orange, and green store with chalkboards for menu charts that give a cool and casual vibe. The food there is light and healthier and organically sourced. The menu is as tasty as it gets with delicious and low-fat starters to make you anticipate what was coming. The main courses are no short on quantity and flavors that are native to India, including Masala Dosa, Samosa, and Chicken Tikka Masala among other delicacies. Order your food online to minimize risks of infection during a pandemic. Call us and enjoy the best Indian food in town!

User Reviews (2)
Juwairiyah Wasimah Totah

Now ordering online is one of the best opportunities anyone can avail through the Philadelphia Chutney Company website. Their Indian desi food was affordable and worth the price. Thanks.


Nadeeda Sultanah Rahal

Philadelphia Chutney Company has provided me the best Indian food I have ever tried before. I ordered desi food online through their website, and it was easy to use. Give it a try every one.


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