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  Home & Office Cleaning Services
Bethesda, Maryland, United States

Keeping carpets clean can feel like an uphill battle, but with Oxi Fresh’s Bethesda carpet cleanings, you can rest easy. Our expert technicians can remove even the toughest dirt while still being safe for kids, pets, and the planet. Our unique cleaning system uses the power of oxygen to reach deep into carpet fibers and break down the dirt and dust particles. After freeing the fibers from the dirt, our products capture the offending debris in microscopic crystals. Then we bring our OF1000 cleaning machine, which uses two counter-rotating brushes to reach deep into the carpet and capture the encapsulated debris. We always go over the carpet twice to ensure every fiber is thoroughly scrubbed. This process gets fantastic results and does so without saturating the carpets. That’s right – our low-moisture system only needs a few gallons of water to revitalize a home. That makes for a fast, one-hour dry time. You have to admit that’s a lot better than the 12-24 hour dry times you get with steam cleaners!

User Reviews (2)
James L. Farrier

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning cleaner showed up earlier than the appointed time. Great value in comparison to other commercial carpet cleaning service providers in West Houston TX. They were courteous, prompt, and inexpensive. Highly Recommended.


Landon M. Anderson

If you want the services of the best carpet cleaning service in West Houston TX, then I would recommend you to hire Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. I hired them a few months ago, and they impressed me immensely with their affordable and high-quality services. Apart from that, the service delivery was prompt. Highly recommended!


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