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National Data Research, Inc.

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4711 Golf Rd Ste 300, Skokie, IL, United States

The National Data Research in Skokie will allow users to easily search for data across disciplinary boundaries. As users hone in on data of interest, they can easily switch to discipline-specific tools. The NDS will connect users to tools for building and sharing collections of data. It will help users find and deliver data to the best repository for data publishing. The NDS will create robust connections between data and published articles. When researchers reference an article, they have ready access to the underlying data. The NDS will not only provide access to data for download, it will provide tools for transferring data to processing platforms or allow analysis to be attached to the data.

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    I have been using National Data Research in Skokie for my research project and came across great studies with references. I will continue using their service till my project is done.


    National Data Research in Skokie has an amazing collection of data of all niches. I took many references from them for my uni project. I secured an A grade!


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