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Mrs. Mac's Towing & Transport


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315 S 17th Ave E, Duluth, Minnesota, United States

You can put your trust fully in the professionals at Mrs. Mac’s Towing to safely transport your vehicle from your location to your intended destination. Our professionally trained drivers are dispatched quickly to provide you with exceptional towing services at a reasonably priced rate. Mrs. Mac’s Towing has a modern up-to-date fleet, all methodically maintained and equipped to handle everything from breakdowns to accident recovery and transport of specialty vehicles and equipment. So, whether we’re pulling a car out of a ditch, removing rubble from the roadway, or moving a Range Rover, we handle every vehicle we tow with extreme care. We are also the only company in NE Minnesota to hire only professionally trained drivers!

User Reviews (2)
Yolanda N. Hill

My younger son I quite a wrecker and despite my warnings he didn’t take the car in time to the mechanic. So, when he was on his way to an interview his car broke down. He called me and I knew I should call professional towing service in Duluth MN for a quick solution. It’s thanks to them that he was able to reach the interview in time.


Rachel D. Ellis

Last week someone bumped into my car and I had to hire a professional towing service in Duluth MN. My car was new so I was worried about the towing, but I have to admit that their team is highly efficient. They towed it perfectly and brought me to the mechanic for a professional fix. Thanks, guys.


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