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  Auto Repairs , Oil Change Stations , Tires
6350 McCart Ave, Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Oil is considered to be the blood of a vehicle. It keeps the engine parts cool by reducing the friction between them. Changing vehicle oil and oil filters is the most effective way to stretch the life of your motor. Midas provides oil and filter change services to its clients in Fort Worth. The company offers full synthetic oil that helps the engine run efficiently, optimizes fuel consumption, and minimizes emissions of your car. Compared to the quality of lubricants and services, Midas offers nominal pricing for their services to keep your vehicle maintained and running at optimum capacity. The company provides oil change around an hour which includes oil and filter change along with their Complementary Midas Touch Courtesy Check. Midas promotes synthetic oil because of its superior properties over conventional motor oil. Driving patterns may affect the time for changing oil of a vehicle, but consulting the user manual is the best source to keep tabs. For top-quality oil change work, book your appointment at Midas!

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Ramona D. Carlton

Life is always dependent on different things. Likewise, my car maintenance is on Midas Auto Parts & Repair Services in Fort Worth. Thanks for your cooperation.


Mildred S. Thomas

I am confused about a proper inspection of my car, but Midas has to help me out and provide me excellent Auto Parts & Repair Services in Fort Worth.


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