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Main Line Tattoo Parlour


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317 E Main St, Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States

Main Line Ink seeks to provide a very client-centered tattoo experience. A place to get a high quality tattoo where the focus is on the person getting the tattoo, not the person doing it. We seek to provide the ultimate in comfort, quality, and safety to our clients, from educating the client through the consultation process, to providing an individualized, carefully thought out tattoo experience, we want to create an environment and experience that shows our clients that our main focus is on them. Our artists are talented but humble craftsmen who want your experience to be fun and enjoyable, and realize that your tattoo is not about them, but about you. At Main Line Ink, you will find a cast of interesting, personable characters who are more than happy to lead you through the often intimidating process of permanently marking your body.

User Reviews (1)
Madaline Walker

The moment I sat on the chair; I knew it was too wrong with the saying that getting a little color is not a big deal. I felt a lot of pain but it was mitigated by the sheer professionalism and cooperation of the artist of this tattoo shop. Not to mention he is genius with ink. One of the best tattoo shops in Chattanooga Tennessee!


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