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Madden Plus

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4756 tacomic drive, Sacramento, CA, United States


Laminate flooring repairs and installation, Carpet repairs and installation, Linoleum installation, Water Damage treatment. I got in this business to offer more services to prepare your home for sale or for rental.


Established in 2009.

I have done a lot of installation and carpet cleaning for Ibrahimzada family which owns 5 apartment complexes over 400 units for about 2 years.

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Hi I’m Dale Madden I started my carpet cleaning  business 8 yrs ago. I just didn’t like the way this guy cleaned my carpets it was soaked for two days and then that smell came after it dried, very bad experience for me, my wife and my 3 sons. I swore I would do someone a better service 6 months after I bought my first truck mount carpet cleaning business. I love meeting new people and taken care of there tile and carpet needs along with other services we provide like carpet installation, engineer wood installation, linoleum installation, water damage treatment, pet urine treatment. Maddenplus provides quality services for our customers needs at an affordable price.  So if you need other services like the ones listed above please give us a call (916)612-6881 ask for Dale (free estimate) Thank You have a blessed day

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