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My wife had her car keys accidentally locked inside her car and called this locksmith service for hep. They quoted her a price of $60 and it literally took them a minute to unlock the car. Once they unlocked the car, the locksmith requested a pay of either $150 in cash or $205 if she has to use a credit card. She tried to explain to the locksmith that the agreed upon amount was $60 but the locksmith insisted on $150 cash or $205 credit. Since it was evening hours and my wife was alone with our young baby, she had no choice but to pay the $205 and get home safe. We later tried to contact the company, called them about 15-20 times and they would either hung up on us or put us on hold for 30-40 minutes then suddenly hang up or they would transfer us into a voicemail and we never got a call back from them. They were uncooperative wth us we had to dispute the transaction with our credit card company. Very unprofessional and fraudulent company I would stay away from. They will rip your money off and never even give you a chance to talk to a customer service representative. Essentially day light robbery and clear cut case of fraud I wonder how they are still in business.

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My wife has a quite bad experience with this company. They demanded $70 before starting the work but after completion, they asked to pay $200 in cash and $ 210 in case of using a credit card. my wife tried to explain but she was already quite late so pois $210 and went home. We tried to complain against the company but they didn’t respond to our calls. this is unprofessional and unethical I don’t know why these kinds of companies' events exist.


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