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1610 E El Camino Real, Santa Clara, California, United States

For the true cuisine lovers out there, there is no better place to try out the authentic Indian food than Kettles Santa Clara. It is a small center of culture that not only provides mouth-watering traditional Asian food but the culture and warmth too. There is so much to go around and so much to choose from. From Daal to rice and beyond, everyone can find something to eat, irrespective of their dietary orientation or restrictions. If you crave for the real Indian taste and hospitality, this is the place for you. So, pay us a visit right now!

User Reviews (4)
Wafiq Nazmi

This has to be the best Indian restaurant in Santa Clara. The atmosphere was full of life. I got to know the true culture of India because of the background music. The food was delicious especially the flatbread and crispy samosas. The level of spices was also to my taste. I ordered butter chicken for the main course and absolutely loved it. I would recommend everyone to try the Indian food from here.


Sundus Sabihah

The food was great so was the atmosphere. The background classical music was very relaxing. I visited with my family to enjoy a class Indian meal. We ordered the makhni daal and masala chicken with basmati rice and flatbread. Everything on the platter tasted amazing. I am not a fan of spicy food but this place had my mind changed. Anyone looking for a true warm Indian experience should eat here at least once.


Alexis D. Warren

Kettles Santa Clara is the only food joint in California that offers real Indians. My family and I visit the place often and try new things. The community always oblige with the next best thing.


Christine H. Reyes

I was always a little partial to authentic Indian. So, when my friend mentioned going to Kettles Santa Clara, I could feel the urge of devouring the whole place. Best Indian food place with native vibes and food!


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