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  Auto Repairs , Oil Change Stations , Tires
3300 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Just Tires is much more than tires. We have expert technicians with extensive in-field experience to keep your vehicle running in the best condition by offering essential services. Our oil change service is a comprehensive auto maintenance package which includes compatible Valvoline oil, oil filter replacement, lubrication for fittings, fluid & air filter inspection, engine and belt & hose inspection, and much more. We have a vast inventory of oils which includes synthetic, conventional, and synth-blend, etc., for the protection and lubrication of the engine of your vehicle. We believe in personalized care of vehicles of our clients and recommend oil change time and type according to their needs. We offer 4 packages of oil change and maintenance work, from essential to ultimate protection of your vehicle’s engine. Book your appointment now to get the best deal for your engine protection, only at Just Tires in Alexandria, VA!

User Reviews (2)
Tabitha B. Lawrence

Just Tires have the best pit stop for oil change service. They changed the motor oil of my car in no time at all. Inspected other systems of the car for free. Five stars!


Christopher S. Gardner

Well at first I thought they will only have tire but they also provide oil change service. I stumbled upon this fact while looking around my neighborhood for an emergency oil change. Highly recommended.


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