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Delhi Club


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  Food Retail
1135 N Highland St, Arlington, VA, Arlington, Virginia, United States

For those who are passionate about Indian food, Delhi Club is the place to treat your taste buds with authentic food and delicacies. We have only one question in our minds when we laid foundations for this place: “Is there a place for traditional Indian food in Arlington?” To fill the void for spiced up food and aroma of native herbs and spices, we opened at Clarendon- the finest place in Arlington. Our chefs have vast experience and conventional kitchen utensils at their disposal to cook Indian food in an artisan fashion. Each day, we prepare dishes from scratch using wholesome and nutritious ingredients from the homeland. Our focus was on keeping the food simple and mix elements from other cultures and create a work of art for our patrons in Arlington. You can order your food online through our website and receive it at your doorstep. We have homestyle dishes on the menu that are too delicious and savory to share with everyone or no one. Order your food now!

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Bishr Haddad

The right Salt and Right spices in a dish make it delicious. Delhi Club is an expert in cooking traditional dishes with a unique style. Their serving was also theme-based and the taste was up to the mark.


Majid Al Din

Delhi Club is a famous restaurant in Arlington, VA. They are providing their online services to order through your smart gadgets. They are experts in cooking traditional street food at reasonable prices.


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