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  Home Health Care
3313 NW 47th Ave, Coconut Creek, Florida, United States

D&I Home allows you to visit your home during round the clock Medical care, we provide 24 hours and also hourly services for the best care of our clients.

User Reviews (3)
Frank F. Mitchell

I contacted D&I Home Care Services for a senior home assistant in Boca Raton FL. I was impressed with the promptness and the quality of their service. Not only did they sent the assistant as soon as they were able, but the price that was charged was also extremely reasonable. Highly recommended!


Bobby S. Lozada

My busy schedule makes it difficult for me to look after my mother. Therefore, I reached out to D&I Home Care Services for personal care service in Boca Raton FL for my mother. I am extremely happy with the service that is being provided to me. Not only my mother is happy, but the price is also reasonable as well. Great service!


Jessica A. Wright

I'm quite happy that I went with D&I Home Care Services. Their dedication to customer care and the professionalism of their employees put families at ease, knowing that their loved ones are being cared for as if they were family members. I would strongly suggest D&I Home Care Services to anyone seeking senior home assistant in Coconut Creek FL since they are the best and most trusted in their area!


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