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Cooper Family And Cosmetic Dentistry

  General Dentistry
78 N Cooper Rd, Ste 107, Gilbert, AZ, United States


Trustworthy dentists can be hard to find, but the professionals at Cooper Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Gilbert, AZ, strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your family. Led by dentist Edward Marra, this team provides compassionate care, ensuring you feel comfortable in what could otherwise be a stressful situation. From routine cleanings to teeth whitening services, the expert staff at this dental office does it all. They provide general dentistry services such as fillings, wisdom teeth removal, and dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry services they offer include bonding, veneers, crowns, and bridges. Their use of safe sedation helps ease patient anxiety during visits. Regardless of your specific needs, count on this office to provide the solutions you deserve to achieve your oral health goals. These experts have the time and patience to handle any emergency situations that may arise. Their passion for their work helps them create a positive environment for each patient. This dentist genuinely cares for the well-being of you and your family. To ensure you can receive the services you deserve, they offer affordable prices and accept most insurance carriers. Cooper Family and Cosmetic Dentistry provide quality care at fair prices. Their compassion, patience, and skill have helped make them the area's premier choice in dentistry services. Call them today at (480) 964-1000 or visit them online to schedule a free consultation.


Established in 13.

This office is under New Ownership as of October 7,2013. Dr. Marra has been a Dentist for 25 years, Dr.Marra and his family moved to the area in September 2013 from New York. This office has been in the same location for 6 years, now under new ownership.

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Dr. Marra has been a Dentist for 25 years. Dr. Marra and his family moved to the area in Sept 2013, they love Arizonia

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