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Caplan Brothers Glass


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  Glass & Mirror Repair
700 W Hamburg St, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Doing business for nearly a century, CAPLAN BROS., INC. was founded by Louis Caplan in the early 1920s on East Fayette Street in Baltimore, Maryland. His brothers Ben, Aaron, Sol, and Meyer joined him to become the leading window glass replacement provider in Central Maryland.

User Reviews (3)
Wilma K. Smith

The whole project was curated with intense care and the previous window got removed following the precautionary measures. I was able to find the service for window replacement in Baltimore by visiting and they did splendid work. I felt comfortable during the project because there was no danger of potential damages. --


Francis S. Grimm

I was familiar that the quality of windows installed at your place should be of great quality. The service provider for window replacement in Baltimore that I hired were those who perform the high-quality work at affordable prices I found them on I am very satisfied with the material they used in the window their design was very elegant and they were replaced in a well-equipped manner. They used energy-efficient methods to install them


Julia T. Holmes

Deciding the design and style of a window is a thoughtful process. But it became easier when I hired the most courteous service provider who came up with the best plans for window replacement in Baltimore. Their whole crew was very adaptive and helpful. I found them on the top listing of they skillfully installed the new windows.


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