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3825 Birch St, Newport Beach, CA, United States

CALbath Renovations stands by their motto of “Making the rooms you use the rooms you love” by offering quality renovation solutions for every home. For over 25 years, the team has been working hard to ensure quality installations for homeowners in San Diego, San Jose, and Orange County. Three standards of excellence are promised to ensure the delivery of the best full-service remodeling solutions for the bathroom: Integrity, Quality, and Value.

The specialties that CALbath Renovations offers include bathtub renovation and bathroom remodeling. Other available services include: acrylic bath systems, acrylic tub liners, wall liners, closet remodeling, cabinets, custom cabinets, shower, shower doors, shower glass, shower metal enclosures, shower floors, counter tops, custom counter tops, counter restoration, refacing, plumbing fixtures and more.

Detailed workmanship makes the CALbath Renovations services stand out from other contractors in the industry. These top-notch results offer solutions that include everything from warm, inviting spaces to charming bathroom fixtures. Each project is custom designed to match the needs of the home. Families can choose complete bathroom remodels that include all of the necessary details, including wall liners, shower and wall liners, acrylic tub, and shower doors.

It does not matter if the homeowner chooses a complete bathroom makeover or a smaller scope of work, such as an acrylic shower liner or a basic tub remodeling, the certified technicians work hard to ensure quality in every step of the installation. Crews are trained in all necessary aspects of repair and installation work. Total customer satisfaction is always the goal at CALbath Renovations.

Thousands of bathroom remodels have been completed since the company was founded in 1991. CALbath Renovations is leading the California industry with quality solutions at affordable solutions. If it is time to change out the old surfaces in the bathroom, then the team is available to help. These bathroom remodeling services are available throughout California, including San Diego, Orange County, San Jose, and San Marcos. For more information about the excellent products and services that are available, contact CALbath Renovations. Visit the nearest showroom, located at 3825 Birch St Newport Beach, CA 92660. Call any time to schedule an in-home consultation: (949) 263-1236.

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