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Beverly Pediatric Dentistry

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1363 Beverly Rd Ste 250, Mc Lean, VA, United States


A child's smile starts with us! Our practice is based on preventive dental care. Prevention is the key to keeping your children cavity-free. Our services include all aspects of dentistry including: - Regular Check-ups, cleaning and fluoride treatment - Protective sealants - Restorative treatment (tooth color fillings, root canal for baby teeth, caps) - Orthodontic treatments - Conscious sedation in the office - Evening hours available (in our Virginia Location) - Parents are welcome to accompany their children during treatment


Established in 1996.

Beverly Pediatric Dentistry, was first established in Washington, DC in 1996 by Dr. Maryam Mohammadi. As the DC Metropolitan Area grew, so did her practice and a second location opened up in McLean, VA in 2003. Beverly Pediatric Dentistry was the 2nd pediatric dental office in McLean, VA. Its opening offered a fresh perspective to the residents and their families with Dr. Mohammadi's innovative approaches to helping children feel the most comfortable in a dental setting. Her philosophy of inviting parents into the operating area with their children, creating a warm and relaxing treatment environment, and the installation of television screens on the ceiling for children to watch has won the office many awards. It was featured in the Washington Post and the Women's Dental Journal as a model pediatric dental office nationwide. With over 20 years of experience in the area, we've loved getting to watch our patients grow from infants all the way into adulthood!

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Dr. Maryam M.

Business Owner

Dr. Maryam Mohammadi finished her postdoctoral training in Pediatric Dentistry at Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Since then she established Beverly Pediatric Dentistry in Washington, DC and McLean, Virginia.

Her powerful education and post doctoral training along with her many years being in practice bring your child the professional dental care and pleasant experience which he/she deserves.

Her philosophy of inviting parents into the operatory room has been a source of comfort for both children and their parents. Dr. M. (as being called by many of her little patients) emphasizes prevention and conservative approaches to dental care.

Dr. M. enjoys living with her husband and has a daughter currently in college. She enjoys reading, making puzzles, and traveling around the world..

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