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B.C. Lox & Keys


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167A N.Liberty St, Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States

B.C. Lox & Keys was officially incorporated as of May 2005. Chris Curry, the founder, and president of the business developed the company name from a nickname he had in college. His college roommate was dating a girl named Chris and the commonality became confusing. Chris Curry was henceforth known as B.C., for Boy Chris, and his roommate’s girlfriend was G.C., for Girl Chris. When he began creating the locksmith company, the Lox & Keys was only too fitting to accompany his title of B.C., and he knew its uniqueness would be a name people would remember.

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Melanie L. Krebs

There is a lot of hassle in hiring the big fishes in business. So, I went for the best local locksmith in Harrisonburg and do not regret it for one bit. Exceptionally trained staff with ample experience and personalized customer service. No doubt, the best in town for the job. Thumbs UP!


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