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Auto and Truck Mobile Mechanic Service

  Auto Repairs , Auto Parts & Supplies , Towing
233 Littleton Ave, Newark, NJ, United States
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We provide mobile mechanic service to your vehicle no matter where your vehicle may find itself, whether it be at your residence, place of employment, place of business, or any other place for that matter, thereby saving you the cost of towing and the time of having to wait to get your vehicle repaired.


Established in 2014.

We consistently continue to offer and provide great service!

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Alex I.

Business Owner

I am the owner and one of the mechanics at Mobile Mechanic Professional.


We offer practically all types of maintenance and repair related work that is associated to bring your vehicle back to normal good working order.    We do our best to do this work in a very expeditious and affordable manner, no matter where your vehicle may find itself.  In other words, we bring our service to you, so that you don't have to bring yourself and your vehicle to any other place where you could receive such specialized service.   We diagnose, maintain, and repair all types of vehicles, whether it be a car or truck, we get it up and running most promptly and affordably possible.

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