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America's Tire Long Beach


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  Auto Repairs , Oil Change Stations , Tires
7251 Carson Blvd, Long Beach, California, United States

At America's Tire in Long Beach, we have a wide range of tires and also alloy wheels for almost all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We are your one-stop-shop where you can choose high-quality tires of all popular tire brands. Our experts have years of experience and know-how to inspect and install any tire with perfection. Low-quality tires could burst anytime on the road. To avoid such accidents, you should avoid choosing low-quality tires. Head on to us, not only do we install new tires, but also help vehicle owners get an idea of their previous tire’s conditions. You can also give your a car new look by opting to allow wheels of your choice. So, visit us anytime during our business hours to know more about our tire shop!

User Reviews (4)
Juana J. Wilson

Today my back tire was busted near America's Tire. I had to walk my car to their shop. All that walking drained my energy to even argue but the staff was super cooperative and efficient. I loved them. Highly recommended.


Timothy D. Marshall

I got my 4 tires changed for the second time from America's Tire. recommended


Leonard J. Davis

America’s Tire in Long Beach California has to be the best tire service in the country. They have a great collection of tires and nominal rates. Full marks on customer service.


Miranda T. Duke

My car’s tires were as good as gone. I consulted America’s Tire in Long Beach California for a quick change. They did an excellent job at an affordable rate I am glad I hired them.


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