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Fairfax, Virginia, United States

Affordable Locksmiths, LLC – Contact US:   Here, at Affordable Locksmiths, LLC we are available for you day & night 24/7. Our mobile units will be in rout with in 15 minutes or less: For immediate service, contact us on Citylocal Pro

User Reviews (2)
Annette Glick

All Thanks Yelp! I was looking for Affordable Locksmiths and they sent one to my place within no time. A little over 5 mins and they got us into the house. He was quick, efficient, and amicable. Professionally speaking he was aptly geared up as per the current situation.


Frank Mueller

I lost my keys somewhere on earth. However, the affordable locksmith responded to my request in fractions of minutes. I made the request at 5 in the evening and before the clock ticks 6, I was opening my house’s doors with newly rekeyed keys. The experts at my help were extremely helpful, professional and friendly. I am amazed by the services provided.


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