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About CityLocal Pro

CityLocal Pro LLC was established in June 2019 by US international cricketer, Danial Asif Ahmed with the sole objective of offering innovative ideas and reliable services to small businesses that will assist them in growing their online presence fast and dense. We have developed effective mechanisms that enable us to get our clients significant traffic and a targeted audience for their business that attracts potential customers. When our CEO and founder Danial Ahmed started this business, it was a humble beginning. Still, our business grew immensely with time, and now, we have thousands of customers on our website. We have our head office in Plano, Texas, the USA, and regional offices in Ashburn, Virginia and the UK.

Our Team

We have 100+ employees who work devotedly to deliver excellence and finesse. We offer a diverse array of services, including but not limited to online listings, reviews, ratings, offer pros, and much more. 

What Do We Do?

CityLocal Pro is all about boosting your online presence by providing you with free digital marketing tools unavailable to any of your competitors. Our AI-based system ranks businesses according to rating, distance, and business hours and type in such a way that customers see great value in coming to our website. The more people use CityLocal Pro, the more they notice companies listed on it. To make sure lesser-known businesses are allowed to demonstrate their credibility, we let customers leave reviews on our website. We publish anyone’s review without unnecessary delays as long as it is authentic. Notably, this feature comes at zero cost and no company will be disfavored if it does not purchase our paid services.

Provided the listed companies’ profiles are complete, we also feature them on our search-engine-optimized umbrella pages free of charge for 30 to 60 days. Compared to those of our competitors, our AI-powered search engine optimization tools are much faster at improving your search engine ranking. Perhaps, what we are most proud of are our free consultations. We are available 24/7 for digital marketing advice. In fact, our consultants spend hours per day advising business owners without charging anything! 

What Distinguish Us From Others?

Some other free perks of listing your company with us:

  • Audit of your business website.
  • Monthly reports & email alerts about the traffic on your business profile.
  • Specialized emails with tips & tricks to rank higher on CLP as well as search engines.