Warranty Used Car

If you’re shopping for used cars in Leesburg VA, it’s a good idea to buy a warranty used car. Yes! Our used car lots are filled with warranty used car that are ready to be sold. When you buy from us, you’ll have peace of mind; all our cars are backed with a warranty.

Warranty Used Car

Cheap Used Cars For Sale

We are ranked as one of the top car dealers in Leesburg VA that provide cheap used cars for sale. Don’t worry, unlike most companies, we won’t sell you damaged or messed up cars. To find out more about our dealership, call us right away!

Cheap Used Cars For Sale

Affordable Used Car Seller

We have been providing the people of Leesburg VA with affordable used cars for the past many years now! We are known as the most reliable yet affordable used car sellers in town. We have never exploited our customers with sky-high rates or tried to sell them useless cars.

Affordable Used Car Seller

We Are The Number One Warranty Used Car Dealer In Leesburg VA!

About Us

Loudon Used Cars is a locally owned and operated used car service that prides itself in offering the people of Leesburg VA with warranty used cars. We have always strived hard to serve our customers with affordable used cars. Don’t worry, we won’t put your investment to waste. We are fully licensed and insured, which implies that if you are not satisfied with our used cars, you can get them replaced.

Time Savviness And Utmost Evaluation

Unlike most of the used car dealers, we don’t take up much time to provide you with warrantied and affordable used cars. We have a high referral rate because we make sure all the needs of our customers are fulfilled within their budget.

Different Brands We Deal In

We offer warranty for the following brands:

  • Toyota Used Cars
  • Honda Used Cars
  • Ford Used Cars
  • GMC Used Car
  • Nissan Used Cars
  • Volkswagen Cars
  • Mazda Used Cars
  • Audi Used Cars
  • Lincoln Used Cars
  • Volvo Used Cars
  • BMW Used Cars
  • Mercedes Used Cars
  • Chevrolet Used Cars
  • Jeep Used Cars
  • Cadillac Used Cars
  • Dodge Used Cars

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