Removable pool fence Greenwich CT

Swimming pools not only enhance the value of your home but also provide a leisure spot where you can relax and enjoy. But this leisure can be equally dangerous for toddlers and kids. Therefore, our company builds removable mesh pool fences to stop your kids and pets from falling in the water. Our Services are available in Greenwich and all of Connecticut.

Removable pool fence

Child Proof pool fence Greenwich CT

We have a huge variety of childproof fences including, lock down fences, which can be locked with a key, volleyball net, pet fence, and mesh fence with fiberglass poles.  We provide high-quality fences that can pass the test of time and also, glorify the beauty of your home. There is a self closing gate attached with these fences which can be locked with a key. Call us now to book your service anywhere in Greenwich Connecticut.

Child Proof pool fence

Pet safety fence Greenwich CT

Having pets around means that you’d have to put immense effort into their care. To make sure they don’t fall in the pool, get our pet safety fence installed right away. Now your pets can enjoy alongside you without taking a dip in the pool.

Pet safety fence

Keep Your Kids & Pets Safe With Our Super Cool & Protected Pool Fences In Greenwich CT!

About Us

Protect-A-Child Pool Fence is a locally-owned and operated business working from the last 30 years.  We provide the highest quality of pool safety fence installation services in Greenwich CT. Our priority is to satisfy our customers; therefore, our technicians use premium materials which are effective for the best installation techniques to make your pool as protected as it can be.

Our Products

Our main products in the area are:

  • Pool Fence
  • Pet Fence
  • Volleyball Net
  • Lockdown pool fence
  • Unbreakable fence poles
  • Fiberglass fence poles
  • Self-closing gate fence
  • Transparent fence

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