HVAC Repair Service

When you search online for ‘HVAC repair services near me’’ our professional HVAC repair company will be on the top due to our rigorously trained technicians who are skilled to give you HVAC installation and repairs of the highest standards! We are known as the most professional HVAC repairs service in Pinellas Park FL, due to our affordable rates and accurate free estimate!

HVAC Repair Service

Affordable HVAC Installation

If you are looking for affordable HVAC installations, then your search has come to an end because Magnum Services LLC takes pride in housing the best and most affordable HVAC installations in Pinellas Park FL. Our workers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools necessary to keep the budget nominal! We take pride in being one of a handful of HVAC companies that carries an A+ rating!

Affordable HVAC Installation

Quality HVAC Repair

Whenever you need quality HVAC repairs, don’t hesitate to hire the best HVAC repair company in Pinellas Park FL! Magnum Services LLC is the leading HVAC repair company that is family-owned and has been satisfying its customers with premium and affordable repairs for more than 16 years! Our quality HVAC repair service guarantees precision, punctuality, and commitment to excellence! Hire us now!

Quality HVAC Repair

Expect The Best When You Hire Our HVAC Repair Services In Pinellas Park FL!

About Us

Magnum Services LLC is a family-owned & operated HVAC installation and repair company in Pinellas Park FL. We take immense pride in providing our customers with swift and reliable HVAC installations and repairs in the most professional way. We understand the needs of our clients and push the limits to reach their standards! We always take customer satisfaction as our first and foremost rule, which is why we have been providing satisfying HVAC repair services since 2006.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Magnum Services LLC has been serving the customers for more than a decade with quality HVAC repair and installation services. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, which is why all our workers have gone through detailed background checks and screening tests to ensure you get the best and most professional technicians. All our workers have been thoroughly trained by experts to give you the highest standard of HVAC repair service. We guarantee you that when we complete a job, there is no room for error!

Variety Of Services

Magnum Services LLC hasn’t stopped at just providing exceptional HVAC repair services to its customers, but with 16 years of experience under the belt and highly trained technicians, we can offer the following premium services to our customers in Pinellas Park FL:

  • AC Repair/Installation Services.
  • Electric Furnace Installation/Repair Service.
  • Air Duct Installation/Repair Services.
  • Gas Furnace Installation/Repair Services
  • Thermostat Repair Services.
  • Boiler Services.
  • Flame Sensor Repair Services.

Free Estimates

At Magnum Services LLC, we know how difficult it is to earn money, which is why for our customers, we offer precise and accurate estimates completely free of charge! And not only that but also unlike other HVAC repair companies that charge sky-high rates and include hidden charges in your final bill, we practice honesty and keep our prices competitive and reasonable for our customers.


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