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There have always been electrical needs in households, but finding the best electricians in Winnetka IL has become much more difficult in recent years. This time, however, CityLocal Pro presented itself as a savior. In addition, it has listed some of the most reliable solar panel repair companies in an organized and easy-to-find list for you.

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When it comes to finding qualified and registered electricians in Winnetka IL, we know your struggle! Choosing the best-certified electricians in Winnetka IL from the rush of many scams and unprofessional residential & industrial electricians in the area who claim to be the best. 

So, for your convenience, our experts have created this list of none but the best 3 Certified Electricians services in Winnetka after doing a lot of research. 

 if you are also searching for electrician services or “electrical contractor” in Winnetka IL, then you can trust this list which we have created only after judging all these companies on the factors of professionalism, up to the minute skills, utmost efficiency, state of the art techniques, professional-grade tools, in-field experience, affordable and reasonable costs of electrician service, swiftness, time-efficiency, timeliness, and maximum possible level of customer satisfaction.

 So, Worry no more and check out this list!

The Different Types of Electricians you Need to Know About

Nearly all the appliances or other home functions work on electricity. As electricity handles most of the manual tasks in a better efficient way, it does require proper maintenance, repair, or maybe replacements sometimes. Electricians are the key persons for their maintenance. The electricians vary according to their specialties at work. An electrician is a single word with many of the sub-divisions. There are many kinds of electricians which are necessary to know to avail of their services properly. The career of the electrician thus starts with continuous training and practical experience to become a master. Many companies have been providing training to enhance skills like in Winnetka il. If you want to become an electrician then first you have to learn about following different types of electricians to select your own field of interest

Residential electrician

Residential electricians work for homes from installing and maintaining lights to a complete wiring system. This is the most common type of electrician. Residential electrician services include installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and upgrading electrical systems. For example, repairing air conditioners, installing security systems, etc. besides these services, their job responsibilities include

1.     Ensuring the proper functioning of the electrical components in the house

2.     Installing and maintaining wiring, lightning, etc.

3.     Replacement of electrical systems

4.     Work with complete awareness of electrical safety regulations

Residential electricians may work independently or with an electrical contractor company. They must have licensed and certificated electrician experience.

Commercial electrician

Commercial electricians work for a building or on a larger project. As compared to the residential areas, high voltage power systems require high electrical energy to work on commercial sites. To work in this parameter, a lot of training is required. Commercial electrician duties include

1.     Diagnosis and repairing wiring or other electrical issues at a larger level

2.     Interpreting technical drawings and plans

3.     Installing, maintaining, and repairing the electrical components at commercial sites

Commercial electricians work for private electrical companies rather than working independently.

Industrial electrician

Industrial electricians work in power plants, manufacturing plants, and other industrial buildings. An industrial electrician uses complex manufacturing systems and heavy machinery along with technicians. These electricians need to move from site to site to work. Similar to the above two types, these electricians need to be certified and experienced during their training period. The equipment used in this type of work requires special detailed knowledge and experience to handle the tools and machinery.  

Maintenance electrician

As the name suggests, maintenance electrician repairs maintain, and upgrades the existing electric system of homes, offices, or buildings. These electricians ensure the safe and efficient working of both large or small electrical systems like plants, factories, etc. they can work independently or with some private company.

Auto electrician

Auto electrician specializes in vehicle electrical systems. They are responsible for the maintenance, repairing, or replacement of electrical systems within the vehicles. The auto electrician has an in-depth understanding of the vehicle diagnosis. This type of electrician does not require to be a fully licensed electrician.  

Wind turbine electrician

These types of electricians are responsible for maintaining and accumulating the wiring of wind turbines and towers to generate clean electricity. Wind turbine electricians require to travel large distances or to climb as high as 200ft above the ground.

Highway electrical systems electricians

To ensure road safety and a sustainable transportation system, highway electricians specialized in maintaining and installing electronics for road systems. Their duties include maintenance of traffic lights, street lights, etc. They gain complete training in operating heavy equipment and motor vehicles. The equipment used for highway electrical systems needs to meet highly reliable safety standards.

Low voltage electrician

The job responsibilities of low voltage electricians are the same as of the residential and commercial electricians but they work on low voltages such that not more than 49 volts. So, this includes diagnosis, repairing, etc. of the telephone systems, home entertainment system, LAN, WAN networks, etc. Few electricians also specialize in vehicles like ships, trucks, etc. 

 Whatever the type of electrician job, their job is tough and full of life risk. Thus, electricians required long term training and learning to master techniques. 


1- What questions should ask from the electrician before hiring?

Before hiring an electrician ask the following questions

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What do your estimates include?
  • What level of training do you provide to your employees?
  • Do I need a permit?
  • What guarantees and warranties will you offer?
  • Do your services include hidden costs?
  • Can you provide references for your previous work?
  • Are you affiliated with BBA?
  • What kind of work do you do the most?
  • What services do you provide?
  • Who will be responsible for any mishap during the work process?

2- How do I find a good certified electrician?

To find a certified electrician in your area, it's better to do a complete investigation about the electrician. The investigation includes: check the license and insurance, getting estimates, checking the previous work history, asking the electrician for references, etc. It's better to find an electrician from your social circle to rely on. Don’t hesitate to see their certifications. During the meeting, observe the behavior and way of communication as well as the appearance of the electrician. He will help you to find a certified electrician to get satisfied with your electric work.

3- Residential electrical contractor vs. Commercial: What’s the Difference?

Residential contractors provide services for homes for example they install electrical systems for a home during the home construction. These residential services include light fixture installation like an appliance, electrical repairs, electrical maintenance, etc. Whereas commercial contractors offer services for large projects like buildings. Their job is to safely install and repair the electrical system in commercial space. The commercial electrician contractors' services include higher voltage electrical systems, high capacity HVAC systems, safety equipment, etc.  Only a few contractors provide services for both the residential and commercial electrical work like electrical contractor Winnetka il.