We are professional and most reputed brand in Newport Beach CA that provide automated shades and motorized shades of promising quality. Our company understands the demands of the market, which is why we have diversified our product line including solar shades, privacy shades, mecho shades, and Phifer shades. We ensure quality with low costs for the goods and their installation services.

Automated Shades

If you are looking for a professional that can not only offer blinds but blinds installation, blinds replacement and blinds repair services then we are the most trustworthy brand. We have developed the competency for professional and flawless blackout blinds installation and repair service. In addition, we offer a wide collection of blinds including mecho blinds, Phifer blinds, and somfy blinds.

Blackout Blinds

If you are looking for a reliable company that can offer motorized drapes and automated drapes installation then we are the brand that can offer multiple drapes and efficient drapes installation service. We provide a diverse collection of quality drapes including solar drapes, blackout drapes and remote-controlled drapes that we offer at efficient pricing, worth the investment of our customers.

Motorized Drapes

We Make Sure That You Get The Utmost Quality Through Our Services

Outdoor Shades

We provide high-quality outdoor shades as well as offer professional shades installation services to our customers at affordable rates. we are one of the most prominent brands in Newport Beach CA that offer motorized shades installation services and provides a diverse shade collection. The customers can also place a custom order for Phifer shades, mecho shades, exterior shades and other shades of their requirements. Our company will ensure quality in products and installation service.

Automated Drapes
We bring excellence to our services because we are aware that automated drapes and motorized drapes are sensitive, which is why we make sure to offer our customers the best quality drapes. In addition, we are also proficient in solar drapes installation, blackout drapes installation and provides remote controlled drapes as well. We ensure that our customers get the most satisfying product and service.

Blinds Replacement

Our company has proficient knowledge of blinds replacement and blinds repair. We offer proficient quality assurance for blinds repair services and ensure that our well-trained staff is able to provide satisfactory privacy blinds replacement and solar blinds repair services. In addition, we are also proficient in our workability and provide our customers with automated blinds, remote controlled blinds, blackout blinds, and Phifer blinds at affordable prices.

Installation Services
We know that competent installation would require skill efficiency and proficient workmanship to provide customer satisfactory results. We offer 100% guaranteed services, which is why we make sure our professionals provide ingenuity in their craftiness. We also ensure that our customers get the best quality products at most reasonable prices so that we could succeed in the market as the most trusted blinds, shades, and drapes dealing brand.

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